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First, to answer the question we usually get from people, “How did you come up with the name Naked Bear?”  While we obviously hope the name is easy to remember, it’s more than a pun on bare naked.  In many cultures, the bear is a symbol of healing and connection to the earth and we think that perfectly represents what we are striving for.  The “naked” part comes from our commitment to only use pure “naked” ingredients in all of our products. 

We owe the start of our company to an English Springer Spaniel and our cold snowy winters.  Back in 1989, we brought home a new puppy named Beezer.  Running in the cold and snow of a Minnesota winter, he soon developed sore paws with ice chunks gathering between the pads.  Looking for a solution, we made a simple balm from beeswax and olive oil that immediately solved the problem and kept Beezer’s pads incredibly soft and smooth.  To our delight, it also worked great on our own hands and an idea and company were born.

Today, we remain a small, family owned and run business located in the historic river town of Anoka, Minnesota and we’re still dedicated to providing healthy, affordable skincare made from the finest ingredients nature has to offer.

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My name is Barb Carlson and I am most definitely not a writer.  I’ve always known the writing’s not one of my strong suits and writing the “about me” section of this page just reinforced it!  Looking through dozens of posts on the subject, they all say it’s crucially important to list all your qualifications and expertise, but be sure to be modest.

After lots of starts, I realized that’s just not happening.  Being a born and raised Minnesotan, the modesty part’s not tough, but listing all your qualifications in a non-obnoxious way…not so easy.   Instead, I’ll list a few qualifications and then briefly tell you why I started this company.

Let’s get the “about me” horn blowing out of the way – feel free to skip it if you’d like!

I’ve been an RN since 1987 and have worked in general medicine, intensive care, neurology, trauma, cardiac care, and wellness.  I still work part-time in cardiac rehab and the community wellness program of our local hospital.

I have Board Certifications in Holistic Nursing and Cardiovascular Nursing.  I’m an ACSM Health Fitness Specialist and a Yoga instructor. I have certificates in Nutrition, Aromatherapy Foundations and Advanced Aromatherapy for Stress and Pain Relief.  Lastly, I’ve completed the Foundations of the Integrative Health program through the University of Arizona.

Now, on to why I started Naked Bear Naturals, and most importantly, how our products can benefit you!

From food to cleaning products and definitely in the majority of skincare products, we face a barrage of harmful chemicals and toxins.  Early on, my training and experience in medicine and fitness opened my eyes to the importance of eliminating as many of these toxins as we can from our daily life.

While finding natural and healthy skin care products is not that hard, the majority of them are really, really overpriced.  Organic and Natural ingredients definitely cost more, but not that much more.  After using a natural balm that my husband made for our dog’s feet and loving it for my own skin, a lightbulb went on.  We could definitely make and sell something with great, healthy ingredients at a reasonable price.

That was the idea behind the start of our business and still is – making great all natural products, using pure and natural ingredients, at a cost that everyone can afford.

My husband Mitch is my partner in the business.  He handles most of the day to day operations and is most likely who you’ll talk to if you happen to get in touch with us.  He started one of the first Organic lawn care companies in the Minneapolis area and ran it for many years before selling the company in 2015 to focus on Naked Bear full time.  He also runs our pet product company, The Natural Hound.

During busy stretches, we are lucky that our two adult children and some family friends are willing to pitch in and keep things running smoothly.

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