Packed with vitamins, and essential fatty acids, sunflower oil is the one ingredient you’ll find in every Naked Bear Natural product.

Natural oils have been used as a topical skin treatment for centuries.  Native to America, our sunflower oil is light, easily absorbed and ideal for all skin types.  Its high vitamin E content neutralizes skin-damaging free radicals, protecting your skin from damaging environmental factors and premature aging.

The essential fatty acids in sunflower oil help maintain the protective skin barrier while reducing moisture loss, especially during dry conditions.

A University of Maryland study suggests the high linoleic acid content of sunflower oil provides anti–inflammatory properties, aiding in the relief of dermatitis, sunburn, and acne.

So next time your skin needs a little relief and protection, reach for a Naked Bear Natural Balm with nature’s natural skincare superstar– Sunflower Oil!

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