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“I purchased some of your foot balm to use on my hands because the scent was absolutely delicious! The results have been nothing short of amazing. A small dab is all I use and it softens both hands so they feel like silk. My coworkers all love the scent too and I’ve started keeping the tin on my desk instead of having to get it out so they can use it. I’ll be buying more of this for gifts this Christmas.”

Sandy O.

“I’ve tried several different products for my dry, scaly feet in the past and nothing is even close to your foot balm. After just a few applications my feet are already much smoother and don’t itch nearly as bad. I apply it both at night and in the morning. I notice that when I get home from work, my feet are still nice and moist from the morning application. The best thing about it is the price!”

Randall J.

“Just wanted to send you a note about your sore muscle rub. I’m an amateur boxer and got some to try on my knees which are always sore. I was skeptical that it would do much, but boy was I surprised. I’ve been applying it before and after training and have noticed a huge difference. As an added bonus, my girlfriend loves the scent. Much better than the smell of the things I’ve tried before.”

Jordan K. 

“Hi Barb, I’m writing to thank you for your advice on the skin balm for my husband. I’m the one from the Albertville Market whose husband works with cardboard all day. It just sucks the moisture out of his hands and they’re always cracked and bleeding. He says all the products smell too girly and he refused to use anything. You recommended the cedar-scented balm and he actually likes the scent. He’s been using it every day and we can’t believe how much better his hands are. I’ll see you again soon to try some of your other items.”

Sharon K.

“Hello, I had to tell you guys how amazing your foot balm is. I bought some from you at the Farmer’s Market in Minneapolis. I went to apply some tonight and noticed how NICE my feet are after only two applications. I’ve bought similar products from two other vendors, and countless products from the drug store. Nothing has worked nearly as fast or as well. WOW!! Thank you.”

Audrey L. 

organic skin care

“I bought your bug balm before we took a trip to our cabin last week. Hurray, hurray, hurray! I’ve finally found a product that keeps the bugs away and is safe for my family. I’ve tried making bug sprays from essential oils myself and have purchased several safe repellants before – none of them worked. While we did get a few bites in the evening the mosquitoes were absolutely thick. Thanks, Naked Bear.”

Emily C.

“Just ordered Paw Balm, Foot Balm, and a couple of lip balms! So far we have used be lip and Paw balms and LOVE them!!! Will be trying the Foot Balm soon. Thanks for the surprise extra lip balm! I have an obsession with chapsticks!!! Now I’ll have one at home, at work, and in my purse! Great products! Shipped really quickly! Will be ordering again!”

Sara M.

“Hi to all you Bears! I’ve been applying your unscented balm to my daughter’s skin for her eczema and it works great. After a week we’ve seen a big difference. I love the fact that there are no chemicals in your products and I can feel safe using it on our daughter. Both of us love our “Bear Cream”!”

Amanda P.

“My husband loves the beard oil it’s the only thing that works for him! This time we also ordered hand and body balm as well and to our surprise was given a foot balm to try!!! We absolutely love naked bear!!! Thank you, Mitch!!!!”

Jenna V.

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